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  2. Monuments and Memorials within Australia associated with World War One
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The family migrated to Australia in Liz and her brother were born here. When I mentioned the poppy project to her, Liz immediately wanted to be involved as she saw it as a wonderful opportunity to show her thanks to Australia for providing a safe haven for her family, and where her parents could rebuild their lives in freedom and safety. Her parents worked hard, built a home and educated their four children.

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The children grew up with plentiful food on the table, warm beds at night and a happy life that was carefree and lived without fear. The poppies are a way of showing her gratitude to Australi for the good life her family has enjoyed for the past 67 years. We very much look forward to seeing our poppies on display at the Australian War Memorial on Remembrance Day In some ways it is a blessing that I did as many as I did as there were four relatives of mine and one of my husbands who served in France, four of whom served from to end of war.

Topsy did not return home as she died of the influenza in April in England and it is said she was the last AANS nurse to be buried on foreign soil for WW1. Of the five, Topsy was the only one not to return home. Not for personal glory but to uphold our freedoms and beliefs. He took part in the historic landing at Gallipoli on 25 April and was wounded 4 times in the first ten days of that campaign.

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He was killed on 19 February Lt Adams was one of the first 5, to enlist in Melbourne shortly after war was declared. Harold was killed on 4 May — less than three months after his younger brother. They both served as airmen. After only a few months with the Squadron during the bitter winter, Harold and his observer Lt Pinson, were brought down behind enemy lines on 4 May. Pinson was seen to fire a coloured flare signifying that they would be forced to land.

Other members of the Squadron observed them gliding down under control until quite low. It is recorded in the Red Cross eye-witness accounts file A that Lt Pinson was wounded and that the pilot VH Adams removed his flying companion from the plane after landing. The pilot VH Adams set fire to his machine as instructed so that it did not fall into enemy hands. German soldiers arrived at that time and fired on the airman who raised his arms making to sign that he surrendered.

He fell on his knees with his hands still raised but the German soldiers continued to fire on him.

Monuments and Memorials within Australia associated with World War One

When the German officers arrived, they made the men to cease firing but Harold had already been killed. The German soldiers took the injured Lt Pinson to hospital where he died. They are all remembered but they leave gaps in the family tree. My own Dad served in NG. I know the cost of war!

Stage 4 – Key changes

The ones who returned were never the same somehow, but they did their best. My story is like so many others, pride, sadness, respect, remembering. He was killed in action on 2 April with the 50th Battalion near Noreuil, France. Bronwyn Joyce, Wurtulla Qld: Please accept these 53 poppies as my contribution to your appeal for help with the display in As a family we were very lucky to not have been touched by the death of a loved one in World War One but I did visit Gallipoli in for the th anniversary.

As part of the Australians and New Zealanders visiting the sight on a charter ship, we made and placed poppies on the headstones at Lone Pine Cemetery. Good luck with the activity. Service Number Australian Army Campaigns: Gallipoli, France. Age 21 Years. Killed in Action 23rd July Commemorated on Villers-Bretonneux Memorial. I am sending 30 poppies for your display in November. I hope you have enough poppies for your display. If not, let me know. We have been making red, white and purple to be put on a poppet head.

Dorothy Spence: 60 poppies knitted in memory of my Uncle Emil Janetzki, born on And in honour of my Grandfather Ronald Victor Williams. Service No: Rank: Private. I hope these few poppies are of some use to you. I am 87 years old and made them in memory of my Father who served in World War 1.


Later returned home discharged Michael Francis-Frank: killed by sniper. Patrick James: killed by shell fragment 22 years. Passchendaele 4. John Robert : Gallipoli — returned injured. I hope they can be added to your project. I was very excited when I saw it mentioned on television on the weekend.

It was a most moving time for me. They are, of course, both on the Memorial Wall in Canberra. I do hope you will accept this small contribution. Greatest respect and thanks. All returned home safely. Oct continues. I will always remember the sadness of the family. I think it was to traumatic for him as he was a very gentle man.

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In memory of their friend, partner and father, Lance Corporal Stjepan Rick Milosevic who tragically lost his life in Afghanistan in August Barbara Hill: Dedication reads: …. Rest In Peace. Aged 20 years. I have gifted 27 poppies — one for each of Bert Vandenberghs life.

His service no. Survived the war but never spoke of it on his return. He went away to New Guinea as a transport truck driver and when he came home he was a greatly changed man. I know his job was to bring back the bodies of our dead and this disturbed him a lot.. No a lot is known about his service only that he tried to inlist twice and was successful on the second try in I would like to dedicate these poppies to y grandfather who was alight horseman.

I made this red poppy with love and with pride, I have shed tears that I still cannot hide, for my grandfather who I never knew, You fought for your country. So brave and so true. He was gased for a short time,lost his sight. I am still associated with the Aust Commondo Assoc, in a supportive role. She was in the signals regiment and received messageson her teleprinter of the men and women who perished in the war. She often cried. She was one of about 8 couples who were friends from her army days and ment everymonth for an evening together at each others homes until they all passed away approx 70 years.

Rae, Jean, Elsie and Reg were in the Army.

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Simon and Joe were in the airforce. Mum and dad Frederick William LIgertwood had a good active life and are survived by 5 granchildren and 3 great grandchildren.

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These poppies are dedicated to all the men and women who unselfishly fought and gave their lives, so that future generations could live in freedom. My dad Charles Tracey was in the navy. The grandfather of some of the children, Herb Helmore and varoius other members of our family. Joan Dusting, Keysborough Vic dedication to my uncle lost his life at Broodseinde Ridge years ago. My mother was 8 years old at the time and it was a huge impact on the family. Luckily both came home but war took a terrible toll on his best friend.

My mother had 8 brothers and 5 were at war one injured at Gallipoli, one deafened, 2 gassed at Somme and one came through uninjured. Gwen Jones, Gin Gin Qld: dedication to dad served in Navy WW2 — He was so proud and used to tell us stories of the good times he had — and some of the not so good. Love you DAD. Never forgotten. Miss you DAD, Rosemary x. Alfred was my uncle.

Criminal & Other Case Files F-I

Lest we Forget, as well as all who have served. I heard his story from his sister Vera, my grandmother. Ledge was wounded at Gallipoli and subsequently died of his severe wounds. His mother, my great grandmother turned in when I was Enlisted in Hertford and resident of Berkhamstead, Herts, England. Trooper Private Jessie Kempster — Both buried in France. On behalf of our family in honour our pop, John and all the other young and old Australians who fought and gave their lives to protect our way of life!

Samita and Vicki Young, Macgregor ACT: dedication reads every poppy has within its knitted stitches remembrance of an unknown soldier. Jones who fought and was qounded on Western Front my grandfather : Pte W. Hutton QX who was a Rat of Tobruk. Gwen Roberts, Somers Vic: My dad was a stretcher bearer at Gallipoli and Lone Pine with the 7th Battalion, so from early childhood we have always been aware of the significance of the 11th November each year.