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I am a Christian man and being alone just does not do it for me. I would love to meet you. I tottaly agree with that post! Hola Josephine eres de habla France. I have been alone 3 years and very lonely. Usderstand that believe me never thought i would be alone in Phoenix AZ now from Cali being lonely sucks. I am 68 and lost my wife when I was For several years, I felt that my life was mostly over and meaningless as I slogged through that horrible time. But, time really does heal.

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It took me nearly five years, but I started enjoying life again, and mostly, started enjoying life alone. I ran across zero women who attracted me at all, much less anywhere near what I felt for my soul partner and wife before she died. If I feel like laying around an entire day, getting high on THC and never getting dressed, I not only do it, I revel in it.

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Having something to do in a day or not does not mean you have to be bored or lonely. I now make it a point, which I never did before, to mingle with people in, say, community rooms — or a fave bar if you have one — watching football, or some sport, and conversing with folks. Downsize your home if necessary. Life is not over. Religious or not, you have to consider that this may be it for life. Love being away from all parasites.

I am with Mr. I am 69 and have been widowed 4 years on next week. My first and last wife died in sleep by surprise. No foregone symptom or warning at all. Anyone can imagine the devastation. After three attempts to be with someone, I found peace and tranquility by being alone.

I enjoy my life with full extent and very meaningful. I changed my living environment by moving from big city to small town surrounded with wonderful nature. I bought a Jeep and have been busy to adventure the wild nature.


But I am fulfilled with joy and happiness and will stay as it is until the final moment comes. Time heals the pain eventually and we are the driver of our life. It is all up to each individuals whether you move on or fall. Hi Kevin, I loved your comments.

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I live in Dublin Ireland and have been widowed for 20 yes. Once my kids were educated and out in the world I did the dating thing but like you I found no one anyway as interesting or attractive than my husband. He too was my soulmate and I now am content to be on my own. I travelled. A good bit on my own to Italy but now sold up the family home and bought a nice apartment for myself.

2016 Census QuickStats

I too revel in a day at home doing nothing except lolling about. Regards Maureen. I totally understand I am a widow of 9 years and I had a wonderful husband. Are there any normal people out there that want a healthy nice looking lady that is respectable and fun-loving. Alone in phoenix. Me too. After 20 years of ok and no one catching my eye who did I meet? Yep Told him I had no money.

Census QuickStats: Sunshine (Vic.)

Could not support him. Moved in!. Got him stimuls check. Day it came he bought a car packed up and not one word since. E-mail closed. So dont add fool like I have too. Some days I am more than alone and I know you know what I mean. I have no advice but some I know your a good person with a good heart, but that wont take away that feeling. Im Hard to see a future.

Cry all the time. Dont sleep much. I wish I wasnt too. Judy from Florida. I message my last boyfriend every night for almost a year and he reads my messages but never responds. He is eight years younger but lives with his parents. I just keep messaging him that we should just get in a car and leave — like old Springsteen songs.

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What is wrong with me? Why am I so restless — I feel like I will die if I stay inside this house much longer watching the news and movies and the news again. Calculating when my money will run out. Thinking about day trading to survive.

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I have a 14 year old. I just wish I could reach over and a warm strong arm would put his arm around me and say — it will be ok. Hey there Linda! My name is Carol and am in the same situation if not worse. I traveled alot and got into some bad relationships and lost contact with everyone.

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  6. No excuse to feel lonely, quiet is worth alot No Stress! Men have Tempers. Bad ones Good Luck. Hi Carol, my name is Sue and I certainly can relate to the situation you are in. Only I think Superior, WI is truly the worst place on earth. I put all my time and energy into my relationships and my daughter.

    She is now 34 and I have struggled since she was 18 to help her get off drugs.

    Lee-Anne Cartier and the cost of catching The Black Widow killer

    She is clean now and is living in Seattle WA. So, I too find myself alone with no family and no real friends. Plus, I am living in pretty bad poverty and having to move out of my duplex by April Anyway, I guess I could go on and on. I just wanted you to know I really, truly understand the situation you find yourself in now. Wish we lived closer, maybe we could have been friends and a comfort to each other.

    Please take care of yourself and at least we both know there is another that really understands our situation. Youre Awesome! Thank you for your message!! Hi Carol I pray n cry for u..