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We have been gradually decommissioning older jetties around the state due to decreasing demand. Council has partnered with TMR to construct a new car park, which we will continue to maintain.

In Council commissioned consultants to carry out a feasibility study for a public jetty at Norman Point, the eastern-most promontory of Tin Can Bay. This study examined the engineering issues and produced a preliminary design and costing. Council are now looking at funding options for the project and will keep the community updated on the project throughout the year. It can expose children to unwelcome material, people or attention. Cyberbullying is the use of technologies by an individual or a group of people to deliberately and repeatedly upset someone else.

It can occur in many ways, including abusive texts and emails, hurtful messages,. Right now, there are many young people being cyberbullied and it can often be difficult for parents or teachers to detect. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner list some of the warning signs on their website. The good news is that with some practical internet safety precautions you can help your children maximise the benefits of being online while minimising the risks.

22 Jul - Advertising - Trove

You may remember this name from an article I wrote last year about their website - www. These types of photos provide a record of our world and are a reminder of a special time and place. Combined, these create wonderful, moody photos.

This applies to both horizontal and vertical compositions. The world around us has all of these — you just have to look deeper into the scene to find them and then decide how best to include them. All of these will create mood in the photo. Alternatively, you can use the edges of the screen to provide a straight guide line.

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By using these tips, you can change your Scape photos from ordinary to stunning. Happy snapping — more tips next month! For information, visit www.

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We have Deanne who is going to teach a class on making a bag that is suitable to carry your laptop, tablet, iPad etc. Not only do we make quilts of all shapes and sizes, we do make smaller items such as bags, cup holders, table runners, placemats, etc. It does not have to be a quilt you make, if you want to come and join us.

We also have people who make clothes, and if you want to learn to sew we would. You do not need an expensive machine if you are learning, just a straight sewing machine is good enough. We have some great projects in the pipeline; if you are interested, just come along. We will have quite a few projects in the year, as well as a few bus trips, so you are welcome to join us!

We are always looking for new members and we are a friendly group. If you have never done patchwork or would like to learn to sew, there is always someone to help you. Contact Jacquie Cross: More flag pole works and a Rock of Remembrance are planned for the rear of the RSL building, expected to be ready for the Dawn Service on April 25, A young Aleppo Pine tree has also been planted at the Memorial Park.

The ridges, once covered with the Aleppo pine, had been cleared to provide cover for the Turkish trenches, leaving just one, solitary. The area became known as Lone Pine Ridge. After three days of brutal fighting the Anzacs succeeded in capturing the enemy trenches, but this bloody action cost the Australians 2, men.

Please pass this information on to your family and friends as it is really worthwhile to attend. Carers provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, an alcohol or other drug issue or who are frail aged. If you are a carer or just want to find out some information, please come along.

Enjoy a coffee and chat with like-minded people. Refreshments provided - meetings commence at 10am. All of us are heading towards this space in our lives, where we will either be looked after or be looking after someone we love or care for dearly. Knowledge is power, that will assist us in making an informed decision as to how we or our husband, wife, partner will want to be cared for at a time when we are incapable of making an informed decision.

To speak to one of the Welfare Officers just phone the sub branch on 07 or 07 To assist with catering or book a table, please contact 07 or 07 The centre is able to provide emergency relief in the form of food vouchers and advice, to enable clients to overcome unforeseen circumstances. Please provide a current Income Statement from Centrelink on day of attendance. Swags are available for those who need emergency shelter; and we also have toiletries and blankets available. There is a new service starting in February Meditation and Relaxation sessions at the rear of the library, starting on Wednesday February 7 at 6pm.

Phone Jennifer Reynolds on to reserve a space. Phone Tech Savvy Seniors — Social Media Be part of the technology revolution and join one of our Tech Savvy Seniors sessions with your laptop, tablet or smartphone. February is about to get social. Discover and demystify social media with communicating via Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging and Skype. Visit us at: www.

Rainbow Beach Library Thursday 15 February noon — phone Art classes at the library are recommencing in February so join us every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 10am for art workshops by Jenny!

Bulles à verre

Jenny will cover various types of art — from sketching with charcoals to painting with water colours and pastels - morning tea provided. First 5 Forever storytime is an interactive program for preschool children and babies featuring songs, rhymes, stories and craft. This is a free event conducted in a relaxed atmosphere with a focus on fun for all preschool children, babies and their. Monday and Wednesday 9am — HE LOCAL ambulance committee gives us some valuable tips, due to the recent spate of record breaking high temperatures.

The Queensland Ambulance Service has issued a plea to people to stay hydrated and keep out of the hot sun. Accordingly, to assist people in dealing with the hot weather, the Cooloola Coast Local Ambulance Committee has again arranged for the distribution of Heat Stress Flyers to various outlets in Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach, as well as both libraries.

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The flyers are free and offer some very helpful hints on how to prevent and deal with heat-related illness for seniors, babies and children. Practical measures such as drinking small amounts of water every minutes, wearing lightweight clothing and avoiding strenuous activity are some of the suggestions. So please pick up a flyer and keep cool this summer. As mentioned in a previous article, we are commencing bingo sessions in Rainbow Beach. If successful, bingo will continue to be offered on the first Monday of each month. Of course, the long running weekly bingo session will still be held every Thursday morning at 9.

The bingo sessions are a major part of our fundraising activities with all proceeds going to support the local ambulance service. So get some friends together and come along for a fun morning. Cheryl Zunic - Treasurer, phone: We will just skip over that topic. Anyway, how many of us keep to those resolutions? So, on with more exciting news from the Saturn Antenna team.

This year, we will be celebrating 20 years! In looking back, we have so many people to thank for our initial start.

Australia's first SSM happened quietly in Qld, then Jo Grant was laid to rest

Thanks guys. They are still being used to this day. Travellers realised Saturn Antennas was the easiest TV antenna to use because there was no need to change the way the antenna sat vertically or horizontally. It had two aerials inside the shell to cater for all transmitters around Australia.

The task of adding a booster and then pointing to the transmitter was also a thing of the past for the traveller. Peter had covered all those bases as well, with the multi-. In the beginning, we could make six antennas in a week. Now, we make 26 antennas in a week. The Saturn Antenna has moved from being sold only in Queensland to being stocked by all good caravan stores around Australia. Many times, we have been told to have it made overseas, but we have resisted all suggestions.

We are committed to making a superior, Australian-Made TV antenna for the traveller. We want to keep industry local. To promote and sell the Saturn Antenna, we travel to caravan shows in every state, so we have seen a lot of this beautiful country. And this year is no exception. Five years ago, we did a Pub Crawl and found some fascinating country pubs tucked away in little communities.

We are getting ready to hit the road with Saturn Antennas. Thanks Adrian and Trish Paterson for the idea. We look forward to telling you all about our travels. Till next month, stay happy and healthy and safe on our roads. Dress in red and give your ticker a workout with a brisk stroll round town. All UnFinished Objects are to be brought along and an attempt made to finish them, whilst enjoying good. Visitors welcome.