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  3. Canberra, not Sydney, is the gay and lesbian capital of Australia
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Lesbian protagonist, at first in love with her best friend Sugar, but later becomes girlfriend of Saint. The episodes " Crossfire " and " Changing " deal with Alex's realization that she is attracted to girls and her coming out. A popular rich girl at Brenna's school, it becomes clear that both Greer and Brenna are attracted to each other. They briefly date again before Greer ends up moving.

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Had a romantic and sexual relationship with Spencer Carlin, [37] which is a popular lesbian ship called "Spashley. Last Tango in Halifax. Married to Kate McKenzie. Tales of the City. A wealthy socialite that came out publicly after the death of her husband; she has a sexual affair with younger woman Margot Park. The L Word. Karolina Dean, who has the power to "fly and manipulate solar energy," [70] develops feelings for Nico Minoru. After her capture and subsequent liberation, she is reunited with Nico. To her delighted surprise, Nico initiates their second kiss.

Later that night, she falls asleep in Nico's arms. Jean Fishman's wife. Denise's sexuality and how it impacts her relationship with both her friends and family is explored in season 2, episode 8, "Thanksgiving" [77].

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A character frequently performed by actress Julie Kavner. She is forced to come out publicly in season 1, episode "Romance" after Chris gives her an ultimatum. Tracey Takes On The Killing. Roberta is the security chief at the Wapi Eagle Casino and is in a relationship with Nicole Jackson, head of the Kalimish tribe.

Orange is the New Black. The Faith Diaries.

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She begins dating Nick Dalton to provide him with a politically acceptable public "girlfriend" and to make her appear heterosexual to her father. Callie is the town's schoolteacher and was previously a prostitute in its brothel.

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She is in love with Mary Agnes McNue. A Muslim lesbian character. In season 4, she reveals that she is gay. Emilie falls in love with Sofie. The Girlfriend Experience. She was the girlfriend of Alice Pieszecki and Lara Perkins during the series.

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One Red Nose Day and a Wedding. Faith, daughter of Fiona, marries Miranda, the daughter of Charles and Carrie, in this short film sequel to the film Four Weddings and a Funeral. Carey is married to Killian. Home Fires. A closeted lesbian in s England, Teresa moved to Great Paxford after the head master at the Liverpool school where she taught discovered the relationship between her and Connie Ward, another teacher at the school. Emily comes out in season 1 and is involved in several relationships throughout the seasons.

A lesbian doctor. Was in a relationship with Naomi Campbell. Married to Madame Vastra, who mentioned that Jenny's family shunned her for her sexuality. The Fosters. Married to Stef Adams Foster.

Canberra, not Sydney, is the gay and lesbian capital of Australia

Married to Lena Adams Foster. Nicole is a captain and Army intelligence officer. She is in a relationship with Charlotte Charlie Mayfield, a black woman. Dorothy Gale. Dorothy is awakened from a sleeping spell with a True Love kiss from Ruby a. Red Lucas. She is in love with Ruby and they become lovers. Robin Gallagher. Desperate Housewives. Atypical Casey, the sister of an autistic teenager named Sam, has a relationship with Izzie, with both trying to figure out what being lesbian means and discover more about themselves in the process.

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  • She has a crush on Charlotte Grayson where they both once drunkenly kissed. Sharon Gilmour. She's Gotta Have It. Marc Maron and the Temple of Doom. The Last Ship. Tammy Gregorio. Tammy is introduced in season 3. In 3x18 she describes herself as 'gay' and has been confirmed as a lesbian by producers. The Frozen Dead. They had both previously shown signs of a mutual interest, but kept it under control. They yield to their desire when Bianca is guarding Janet at home and become sexually involved. It develops into a romantic relationship.

    Lia is a journalist investigating the disappearance of the population of a small Appalachian town. Had a short romantic relationship with Callie Torres and was later written off the show. Nico is a detective and she is dating Melanie Vera. Beverly Harris. Wynonna Earp. Officer Nicole Haught was flirtatious but cautious towards Waverly Earp. They became a couple after Waverly confessed to Nicole that she wanted to be with her. In the final episode of the season, Nicole receives signed divorce papers from Shae.

    Victoria (Australia) - Wikipedia

    Janis Hawk. In episode 1 of series 10, Heather and Bill admit they 'really liked' each other, before they part ways. When Bill requires confirmation of whether or not she is dead, Heather kisses her.